Start-up Management

A strong network paired with the freshest ideas: Smartways engages in fruitful collaborations with innovative start-up businesses.

Best ideas do not always necessarily come from internal sources – with our global logistics network and open innovation approach, we embrace collaborations with dynamic start-ups across the planet – to challenge what we already have in practice at Smartways and revolutionize business models. As identifiers of market niches, start-ups tailor individual services and quickly bring them to market, filling market gaps with innovative solutions. Instead of competing, we want to create valuable synergies beneficial for both Smartways and creative start-ups. By teaming up with us, start-ups can widen their logistics network and benefit from the expertise of Smartways and the Deutsche Bahn group.

Do you want to cooperate with Smartways ? Contact us: startups@Smartways

Open Innovation

At Smartways we strongly believe that many heads think better than one, especially when they come from different business sectors.

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Innovation and Digitalization Insights

Innovation is about looking beyond the existing and challenging the status quo in order to develop the best solutions beyond borders and for maximum value for everyone.

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Enterprise Lab

Smartways owns a state-of-the-art lab to develop and test the technologies which will shape tomorrow’s logistics.

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Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Smartways gains meaningful business insights from big data analytics that supports strategic, tactical, and operational decisions – for both us and our business partners.

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