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Multimodal Solutions

Every logistics expert knows that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mode of transportation. That’s why Smartways combines the specific advantages of each mode by designing innovative multimodal solutions dedicated for our customers.

We serve clients with a broad range of multimodal customer solutions – from conventional rail forwarding to intermodal, from standard loads to special transports, from heavy goods to high value, from North to South and East to West, from normal gauge to wide gauge, from seaport to railport, from semi-trailer to roll-trailer, from China to Europe – environmentally friendly.

Our expertise: Customizing the optimal combination of modes of transportation

Engineering door-to-door solutions by combining rail, road and short sea according to the specific requirements of our customer is our core competence. Therefore we adapt our services to the type of cargo to be transported be it consumer or industrial goods, paper, steel, building materials, machinery, electronics – with a wide range of loading equipment.

With Smartwaysrailog we provide conventional rail solutions including pre-/on-carriage by truck and transshipments via terminal and railports along with numerous additional services (e.g. warehousing, monitoring, customs, documentation) and multilingual staff with excellent access to all rail carriers or rail service providers.

Smartwaysintermodal is our door-door service connecting the North-South axis in Europe with regular frequencies and high capacity in an own intermodal network using both semi-trailers as well as swap-bodies or containers managing pre-/on carriage on road and short sea ferry. In addition we offer intermodal transports with a unique access to the open intermodal network across Europe.

For some overland transports across Europe and certain intra-European trade lanes a short-sea connection can be a viable option. As a result we have developed transport solutions between defined ports with DB SCHENKERshortsea where your cargo is transported on or in specific equipment like roll trailers or containers.

Connecting  by rail

Smartways has been a pioneer when establishing regular rail-based transports on the Transeurasian corridor connecting  by rail. This intermodal connection is an attractive addition to other transport modes: lower transport cost compared to air freight, faster lead times compared to ocean freight. Smartwayseurasia includes door-to-door solutions for block trains, single containers (FCL) or groups of containers as well as less-than-container loads (LCL) on various routes.

Saving CO2 in combined transport – off the roads and onto the rails

Smartways combines the specific advantages of each mode and hence combines the outstanding ecological footprint of freight trains with the flexibility of trucks. Freight is transported by rail on the main leg whenever possible.  Smartways can reduce CO2 by up to 80 percent compared to conventional transport by road. Its truck fleet handles pre-carriage and onward carriage. Smartways can reach the most remote corners of Europe so that you can enjoy the convenience of door-to-door transports, even if you do not have a private siding. This method reduces total CO2 emissions by up to 60 percent. To us, the most exacting environmental standards are a matter of course. This is why we are constantly renewing our truck fleet and using more and more vehicles compliant with the Euro 5 standard. Furthermore, we utilize the capacity of our vehicles to the fullest by combining consignments at our hubs, since the fewer empty trips we make, the less CO2 we produce.